Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines, the largest passenger airline with the largest fleet in South East Asia, of over 100 aircraft and a network of more than 100 destination across 6 continents, flying over 15 million passenger annually.

Malaysia Airlines

Traditional Malaysian warmth and hospitality have always distinguished our passenger and ground services. Regardless of which class you’re in, on the ground and in the air, you will experience the best designed and most innovative products, together with equally superb service delivery.

Malaysia Airlines provide a full range of services to make your journey with them as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. Entertainment on the B777 offers up to 22 hours of movies and video programmes on 12 video channels (including Air Show on Channel 12), brought to you on personal television screens in all classes. The MAS phone is a satellite telephone service that keeps you in touch with the world at any time during your flight.

Malaysia Airlines is the first airline in this region to implement Electronic Ticketing. Cost savings to the Company are substantial as ticketless travel saves ticket printing costs, reduces ticket administration and distribution costs, reduces activities at ticket counter and back office processing. Electronic Ticketing will also mean distribution costs can be saved as it eliminates agency commissions and CRS fees upon cutover to International Travel. As ticket data is contained in electronic form, Electronic Ticketing would help prevent fraud, double utilization and ticket mutilation.

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