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Pontian - Johor

Pontian is actually a small pleasant fishing town which is very similar to Mersing. Located just roughly 61 kilometer from Johor Bahru, this makes Pontian a place worthwhile for travelers to visit due to a few reasons. As mentioned earlier, Pontian is actually a small pleasant fishing town where upon reaching the town, a traveler can see clearly the houses of the fishermen where they stay in houses raised on stilts above the water. With the status of a fishing town, the seafood in Pontian is clearly cheaper compared to other non fishing town. Therefore, for people who enjoy a fresh bite of seafood, Pontian is definitely one of the places worth visiting due to its cheaper priced and fresh seafood which can be found all around Pontian. Aside from the delicious seafood, Pontian is a place filled with numerous pineapple orchards where Pontian had gained a famous name for pineapples due to the well cultivated pineapple here. For some of the travelers, Pontian can be said to be a place for them to take a break before departing Gunung Pulai for leisure activities such as picnics at waterfall, mountain climbing or jungle trekking. For Tanjung Piah which is located at the Mukim Serkat at Pontian, it is a place where geographically, it is situated at the southern most tip of the Asian mainland. Therefore because of this reason, Tanjung Piah at Pontian offers a very picturesque and scenic view of the straits of Malacca. In addition to the scenic view, the area in Tanjung Piah is surrounded by one Asia’s largest mangrove swamp lands where this swamp lands is the home to the native macaque monkeys. On top of all that, Tanjung Piah is also the home to one of our nature’s magnificent phenomena. Under certain conditions, the fireflies at the mangrove swamp will gather together in a very large scale, transforming the dull swamp into a twinkling wonderland.

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