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Perlis Interesting Places

Attractions Places in Perlis

Kota Al Marhum Kayang
Within the area of Kota Al Marhum Kayang, this is where the burial ground for two of the 16th’s century Sultan of Kedah. Nowadays, this burial ground can be seen as a simple mausoleums marked by various grave stones. Aside from the burial ground, there are also other historical artifacts nearby to the Kota Al Marhum Kayang. One of these artifacts is a partially enclosed spring where fresh mineral water is supplied to the palace. This partially closed spring can still be seen today as it is still intact and preserved at a fairly good condition. Aside from the partially closed spring, there is also a canal built by the Sultan during the year 1680. The purpose of the canal is to provide a water link connecting Alor Setar with his palace in Kuala Perlis. In addition to that, the canal is also linked from the palace to the burial grounds.

Snake Farm
Without stopping by at the Snake Farm, the trip to the Perlis state can surely be said as incomplete. The reason behind this is because the Snake Farm here in Kuala Perlis is noted for its large collection and varieties of snakes, of course, including deadly and venomous snakes. Aside from the collection of 23 different species of live snakes, there is also a crocodile pond and a fish pond located within the snake farm. The entrance fee for the snake farm is considerably cheap where in order to enter, it only cost an adult RM2.00 and a child RM1.00

Perlis Craft Cultural Complex
For a feel of crafts and cultures, the Perlis Craft Cultural Complex is definitely a must visit location as besides having crafts and cultural items, the Perlis Craft Cultural Complex is just 8 kilometers away from the Kangar district. Within this complex, there are various items on display where some of these exotic items include a wide range of Malaysian handicrafts such as hand drawn batiks, intricately carved silverwares and as well as hand made items like ceramics and rattan based products.

Tasik Melati
Just as the name implies, Tasik Melati is a rather small but scenic lake where it is located around 8 kilometers to the north of Kangar. The lake in Tasik Melati is a somewhat shallow so therefore, a 150 sandbar islands can be clearly seen at around the middle of the lake. Some of these “islands” can be accessed by rowing a sampan. Aside from using sampan, for those who wish to step onto the small island, elevated walkways can be found all around the lake. The atmosphere here at the Tasik Melati is very soothing as couples or familes can enjoy the whole evening by sitting together on the benches which are provided, overlooking the yellowish sun setting down.

Gua Kelam Recreational Park
For those thrill seekers who are adventurous, they can always choose to visit the Gua Kelam Recreational Park. Gua Kelam is actually a dark cave where it is only accessible via a suspension bridge connecting to the entrance of the cave. The adrenalin rush and the excitement of crossing the suspension bridge will surely leave a unique memory to the visitors. Aside from the suspension bridge, there is also a subterranean stream flowing in the limestone range nearby to Kaki Bukit. In addition to that, this quarter mile long stream has also built a long cavern at other limestone areas. Besides that, there are also various wooden walkways hanging all over the underground cavern where the stream is passing through. This wooden walkway is actually a link between one end of the Kaki Bukit to the other end known as Wan Tangga Valley. In order to visit the cave, the visitor will be asked to pay a small amount of entrance fee (RM1.00 for adult and RM0.50 for child).

Gunung Medan
In the Perlis state, Gunung Medan is known as one of the popular and most frequented picnic spot. The picnic spot here is actually located at the peak of the mountain. In the early days, it takes quite a lot of effort to get to the peak, however, nowadays, a fairly extensive network of stairways are paved all along from the foot to the peak of the hill. At the hill top, one of the first things most people will notice is the breathtaking panoramic view of the areas surrounding the mountain. Some of these picturesque views include places like the infinite expansion of greenish padi fields, the lush green forest and of course, the sugarcane plantations which stretch towards the eastern direction.

Wang Keliam State Park
For fellow nature lover, the Wang Keliam State Park is definitely the place to visit. The reason behind this is because the 1000 hectare area is the Maya Ayer Forest Reserve and within this forest reserve, a wide range of flora and fauna can be easily found. Aside from admiring the wonders and beauty of the forest, there is also a rather challenging jungle track leading from the camping zone to the Gua Wang Burma cave system.

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