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Kelantan's Natural Attractions

Natural Attractions in Kelantan

Kuala Koh
Kuala Koh is now the new entry point to the Taman Negara based in the northern border and in addition to that, Kuala Koh also houses the headquarters of Taman Negara which is based in the northern border. Kuala Koh is indeed a wonderful place to visit as aside from the pleasant natural settings and lush green rainforest, Kuala Koh also has pristine rivers flowing down from the mountains known as Gunung Tahan. In addition to these wonderful sceneries, chalets and dormitories are also available for those nature lovers who are planning to visit or even stay a few nights here in Kuala Koh. For the visitors who are more adventurous, there are also other recreational activities here in Kuala Koh where some of these activities include jungle trekking, bird watching, river rafting, mountain climbing and not to forget, fishing. To put things short, for those who enjoy being surrounded by nothing but natural forests and animals, Kuala Koh is definitely one of the ideal places to visit.

Lata Rek
Late Rek is a series of wonderfully cascading waterfalls where in fact, Lata Rek is one of the several river attractions here in Kelantan. Unfortunately, this fascinating river can be dried during the dry season. However, during the monsoon season, the spectacular sights and sounds of this river tripping down many tiny steps can proves to be captivating to most of the visitors here. One of the downside of this miraculous river is that, swimming is not advised as the river water here in Lata Rek is quite shallow. Well, despite of this reason, visitors can still enjoy the cooling river water by dipping their foot inside the river.

Stong is a popular tourist attraction which is located in the north of Kelantan. This ever popular complex houses a few different attractions where there is a cave known as Gua Ikan (Fish Cave), Gunung Stong (Stong Mountains) and as well as a waterfall. Firstly for the Gua Ikan, it is named after the word fish as there is a fish-like rock formation inside the cave. In addition to that, rumor has it that within this cave, there are still hordes of gold which were left behind during the Japanese occupation. Aside from Gua Ikan, there is this mountain which is known as Gunung Stong. This majestic Stong Mountain is 1442 meters high and in order to hike this mountain, it will not be as simple as just breaking a sweat. However, the hike proves to be very rewarding as there is a waterfall located at the upper side. A dip in the cool waters and the sound of the water flowing pass through the stones are indeed one of the few reasons why the Stong complex was proposed as Kelantanís state park.

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